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Jason Shaw
2010 National Flatpicking Championship 1st Place Winner

Hi Dan,
In case you hadn't heard yet, I won the national flat pick guitar contest this year at Winfield! I wanted to tell you that I played my dad's old D-18, that's the guitar you just set up and adjusted for us this past summer. It sounded and played great! I got a lot of nice compliments on the tone and volume. Thank you very much for the great work that you did on that guitar. 
Jason Shaw

My dear friend Dan Lashbrook, the best guitar "set up" man in the world, pickin' and a grinnin' with a few of his buds. Dan rebuilt my Martin 000-28VS and turned it into one of the most balanced and powerful instruments I have ever played. If any of my guitar friends need some serious work done on their guitars, let me know.

The guitar Willie Nelson is playing I set-up, it is 1969 Brz. D-21, that belongs to Chris Sharp. Thought you might get a kick out of seeing this...

Tom McCabe

Sent my 2010 Martin 000-28VS 12-fret slot head for Dan Lashbrook to set up. All my guitar buddies... take a look at this video so you can see a great before and after. Dan "Hot Rods" acoustic guitars the way Carol Shelby "hot rods" an off the line Mustang. Dan is the Master (also a champion bluegrass picker). COMMENT POSTED ON FACEBOOK

Jim Henson

I've owned this guitar for about 10 or 11 years (Martin 1990 HD 28LSV).... I just picked it up at Dan's house and I do remember what it was and I know what it is, and its unbelievable! Wow... that's impressive!

See the Youtube Video at: danlashbrookgtrsetup

1958 D-18 Martin played by Jeff Autry
See Jeff playing this one at danlashbrookgtrsetup on Youtube, it speaks for itself!


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